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Hi, I’m David Mutch, I’ve always been fascinated with business, even from a young age. Once I realised the enormous impact businesses had on my local community.

I believe that private enterprise will continue to lead the growth and development of our communities. Governments can only work so fast and do so much, but our world is changing at a rapid rate. We need leaders with good core values to ensure our prosperity.

For me, the only thing better than becoming a business owner was to become a business analyst. My dream is to help many people succeed in business and therefore help many communities prosper.

In 2017, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Business Administration at Griffiths University and around 12 months later, I began working as an Executive Assistant to David Dugan at Abundance Global.

Working alongside David has allowed me to put my academic knowledge to use in real-life situations. Whether it’s coordinating board meetings or leading events for up to 300 people, I was always in communication with business leaders. Helping them to discover new ways to benefit themselves and their community.

Having developed excellent problem solving and risk management skills, I’m able to spot the issues that are causing undesirable results in a client’s business. I put a lot of effort into client relationships and strategic planning to make sure each client is getting the results they require.

I see my role, now and in the future, as a leading learning— helping people to unlock their potential and reach their desire for a flourishing life.


My Interests



Ever since I can remember, I loved Liverpool FC. The photo above is my dad and I at the pre-game concert at Madrid for the 2019 Champions League Final.

Image by Markus Spiske


Growing up I started playing basketball, I joined the local team and played point guard. Recently, I've been playing at the local park with my friends.



Starting in 2021, convinced me to play a game of paintball with them. Since then I have joined a team and play all around South East Brisbane.