Work Experience

My Background

I started work when I was 17 years old, working in Food and Beverage at a Central Queensland resort working my way up to Supervisor role. Whist working in a hotel in Brisbane, I met Dr David Dugan, Founder of Abundance Global who saw potential in me. He offered me a position to work along him. His mentoring and guidance was priceless and shifted my whole perspective. After a few years working with David and the team, I moved on to pursue further study and hone in my technical skills.

I look forward to what the future has installed for me with the opportunities and challenges that go with it.




User Experience

Working with the Masterdojo, I liaised with the development team and end-users to gather the requirements for the app; we used the Agile methodology to test. app works on quick iterate  cycles.

Image by Luke Chesser

Financial Dashboard

In Real Time

With a partner, we were driven to create a financial dashboard that could show how healthy their business was at a glance. Using our database and our partners software we were able to deliver a meaningful dashboard.

Rebound Club

Starting up in style

Working with Kent Ohori, founder of Rebound club. I supported him by optimising his marketing structure to maximise his ROI on marketing and lead generation costs.


Volunteer Work

Tricks of the Trade

Movember 2019

To help raise awareness for Men's Health (Movember) I jumped in to a Ice bath for five minutes. I suffered the cold to emphasize their suffering with testicular cancer.

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Business for Good (B1G1) hosted their first member's run event in the southern hemisphere. Their mission is to make it easy and seamless for business to give back to the global community. They will do this by business giving back 1% of profit to charitable causes. To contribute I did my small part by operating the audio and visuals.