Education and Professional History

Masters of Information Technology

Major - Information Systems and Business Analysis

My goal is to become Business Analyst. I had completed my degree in Business Management. I was working for a mentoring and coaching company as an Executive Assistant, and I found myself fascinated in business optics and data analysis. The way this data could be manipulated to drive efficiencies and ultimately help businesses grow. Realising that I could upskill myself and hone in my expertise, I will make an impact for companies and could have a positive economic effect in my community.


Career Objectives

Broaden Technical Skillset

SQL, Big Data

This will be achieved through studying my master's degree and future work experience.

Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™


This will be obtained through the International Institute of Business Analysts.

Secure a Co-op Postion


To gain invaluable knowledge and insights from a leading partners of Griffith University

Human Synergistics

Become a change agent

Become accredited with the Human synergistics program to better equip myself in a leadership role.


Past Assignments

Computer Circuit Assignment

Computer Circuit Assignment

Using Logism, I was tasked to develop a circuit that would only work if the input values where even.

Envisioning My Future

Envisioning My Future

This task required me to reflect and establish where I want to go in my career. Furthermore, i outline the history and future of what a Business Analysis is.

Organisational Behaviour Assignment

Organisational Behaviour Assignment

In this Assessment, I presented the various effects on motivational theories and how it affects the team environment.


Educational Institutions

My Studies

Take a look below to find an outline of my educational background, which includes the institutions I’ve attended, degrees and qualifications I’ve received.

March 2016 - March 2017

Central Queensland University,
Bachelor of Business

  • Introduction to Marketing

  • Management Concepts

  • Accounting for Decision Making

  • Business Data Analysis

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Economics for Decision Making

February 2017- November 2019

Griffith University,
Bachelor of Business

  • Introduction to International Business

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Business Processes

  • Government & Business Relations

  • Organisational Behaviour

  • Negotiation

  • Business Ethics

  • Digital Marketing Management

July 2021 - July 2023

Griffith University,
Masters of Information Technology

  • Web Technology

  • Computer Systems and Networks

  • Agile Business Analysis

  • IT/Business Alignment

  • IT Services Management

  • Systems Development

  • Database Design

  • Data Analytics

  • Cyber Security